The mission of Summit Trace Church is meeting people where they are and taking them to where God wants them to be. To do that takes a lot of work. We have Sunday Celebrations, Discovery Groups, go on mission trips, and perform Acts of Kindness (AOKs). To do all those requires the work of many volunteers.

God designed His church to work by everyone in the church helping out. We have been designed to serve in His church. From the time Adam was roaming the Garden of Eden, work had been part of who God designed men to be. The Bible describes the church in several ways. One of those ways is to say the church is like a body. A body is whole when all of its parts are working. Each one of us is a member of the church and is a part of the body. The body works best when all its parts are working. The church does best when all its members are working. Not only is it good for the church, but it is good for us too. We grow in our relationships with each other and our understanding of God’s working when we are serving.

At STC, we feel strongly about everybody getting involved. It is an important part of living out the life that Christ showed us. He lived a life of service. Serving at STC honors what it is that Christ has modeled for us. We think a great way to get started is to volunteer once a month. On the next page is a list of areas where you can get plugged in and start playing an important part of STC. Your part.

Once A Month Helpers


Arrive 9:40
Setup snacks and crafts
Help teachers
“crowd control” the kids


Arrive 7:30
Light lifting
Moving equipment
Running cables


Arrive 7:30
setup lobby
Cleanup refreshment table
Teardown lobby


Arrive 9:20
Handout programs
kids
Serve until 10:15

rob preaching

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